Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's the Plan Stan?

In the realm of weight lifting it is a wise decision to keep track of what exercises, number of repetitions, and the amount of weight used each session. This helps the individual set goals, keep track of the progress that they are making, and be very intentional with the use of their time and energy. This sort of mentality can be very useful in many areas of our lives.
One goal of my life is to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. Recently I was introduced to a “Bible reading system” that has been very beneficial to my life and so I decided I would share it through this blog. Rather than copy and pasting the whole system I will just point you in the right direction and give the reasons why I recommend it.
This system was developed by Professor Grant Horner of the Master’s College. To find out more information you can join his Facebook group by searching for his name. If you are not Facebook savvy then you can download a PDF file by following the link at the bottom of the post. Basically, there are 10 lists of books (the Gospels, the Pentateuch, etc.) in which you read one chapter from each every day. For him, this system made sense because it would help him see the unity of the Bible. His goal was to gain increasing familiarity with the Scriptures and enhance memorization. Note, this did not replace his in depth study of passages.
Now, to whom would this benefit the most? Well… everyone! Although, if you are the type of individual who likes lists, sectioning things off, or is just plain A.D.D. this would probably suit you the best.
Why do I recommend it? Well for starters, it makes you pause after every chapter you read as you switch books and remember where you left off in each story or letter. For me, the continual stopping and starting prevents any form of daydreaming or thinking about what the rest of the day holds. Most importantly, it is a way to keep track and make sure you are reading the whole Bible.
And now I will leave you with a question: do you have any Bible reading habits that you think would be beneficial for others?


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Sabrina said...

prof horner is awesome, and i'm not just saying that because i graduated from tmc. i've been on the reading plan since the middle of january or so, and have benefitted from it greatly.